Can anyone take a course at MVA?

Yes! Anyone, from anywhere at any time can register for courses with Metro Virtual Academy. You do not have to live in Ontario and it does not matter whether you are currently enrolled in university, college, another high school, or if you’re an adult student. Permission from your home school is not required.

Are the credits recognized by universities and colleges?

Metro Virtual Academy is a private school accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education (BSID #669884) and has the authority to grant course credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). 

What are the tuition fees and are there any additional costs?

Unless otherwise indicated, our tuition fees include all costs associated with the course. 

When does my course start?

Once you register online, we will have you set up in your course within 2-3 business days. You will receive a welcome email containing all the information you need to get started.

How long does a course take to complete?

Students progress through our courses at their own pace. There are no fixed schedules or due dates, and students can decide when to hand in assignments and complete quizzes/tests. The average time to complete one course is 12 weeks, and the maximum time is one year (though course extensions may also be purchased). Various factors could affect the pace at which students complete our courses including individual goals and deadlines, comfort with the material, and other academic, employment or extra-curricular commitments.

How are the lessons delivered?

All of our courses have been developed by teachers certified by the Ontario College of Teachers or its equivalent and are experienced in online learning environments. Our courses consist of dynamic, engaging multimedia lessons, assignments, assessments and evaluations, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways. Lessons are delivered in a variety of formats including readings, videos, virtual labs, slide presentations, simulations and animations, case studies, and more.

Who are our teachers and what is their role throughout the course?

The role of the teacher is to answer questions, provide feedback, and grade assessments. Your MVA teacher is your first point of contact for any questions you may have about your course.

How do students communicate with their teacher?

Students communicate with teachers primarily through email within the CanvasTM learning environment. However, other modes of communication such as phone or video conferencing may be arranged upon request and at the teacher’s discretion.

Is there a parent/guardian portal?

Family accounts will only be created upon request for students that are under the age of 18. Please reach out to for more information.

How long does it take for assessments to be graded?

MVA’s Accelerated courses provide students with feedback and grades within two business days after submission. Standard courses provide feedback and grading within five business days.

How do I know if I am eligible for a midterm grade in my course?

The mid-point of a course is generally halfway through the course (i.e. after unit 3 in a 6-unit course), however, students should consult with their teacher to find the mid-point as it will vary from course to course. MVA cannot submit a midterm grade to the student’s home school until the mid-point has been reached. Students are responsible for ensuring that they meet mid-point requirements in advance of any deadlines or due dates that may apply for post-secondary applications.

When will I receive my final grade?

Once a course has been completed, the teacher will submit the final grade to the MVA office within five business days. The report card will then be generated and processed within two business days. Students will receive digital copies of their report card by email, and a copy will also be emailed to the student’s home school.

Will MVA communicate with my school throughout my course?

MVA will inform the student’s home school when they register for a course, when the midpoint has been reached, and when the course has been completed.

What happens if I need a hard copy of my final report card right away?

You can arrange to have a courier pick up a hard copy of your report card from our office at your own expense if you need one sent immediately. Please contact us at if you require this option.

How does my completed course get on my transcript?

Once MVA has sent a copy of the final report card to a student’s home school, it is the responsibility of the home school to add the course to the student’s transcript. The transcript is a document that is stored in the Ontario Student Record, which is maintained by the student’s home school. MVA only establishes and maintains OSRs for students who have no home school (e.g. international students who have never taken an Ontario high school credit course)—in these cases, MVA ensures that completed courses are added to student transcripts.

How will OUAC/OCAS or the university know that I am taking a course with MVA?

When a student enrols in or reaches midterm or final point in a course, MVA can send that information to OUAC, OCAS, and/or to any post-secondary institution upon the student’s request. Once MVA has the student’s request on file, any future updates on the student’s progress (i.e. midterm or final report cards) will be forwarded accordingly. However, it is always beneficial for the student to confirm that the grade has been updated when the midterm or final point in the course has been reached. Please note that MVA will not send course updates to OUAC or OCAS unless you provide us with your reference number. Once we have your reference number, we will send your updated grades as they are processed.